Flowers & Stars

Short Story: magic realism, disability storytelling

Pending Publication: The Bangalore Review

This modern fable follows an enigmatic street performer as her art brings mindful presence into the daily experience of a busy city park. Or does it? Word Count: 2412


Short Story: speculative fiction, eco-feminism, disability storytelling

Long listed in F(r)iction Magazine Short Story Contest 2021
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In this parable, a more-than-human woman experiences the beauty of her divergent body, juxtaposed against intrusive violating practices of scientists, in a race to reach what may be her ultimate transformation and liberation. Word Count: 6967


Short Story: speculative fiction, feminist worlding, eco-justice

Currently under consideration

A young, queer, neurologically diverse, white woman is captured by the need to detangle whales, nurture environmental restoration, and learn to properly mourn enormous inarticulable loss. Word Count: 2304

Climate Change

Short Story: literary disability storytelling

Currently under consideration

During the height of a heatwave, a middle-aged woman living with debilitating chronic illness struggles to adapt to the the early signs of her aging mother’s cognitive decline. Word Count: 2324

Of Souls & Forests

Short Story: speculative fiction, eco-feminist, disability storytelling

Currently under consideration

An isolated, young, disabled woman is called to conjure a spirit into animate matter through her intimate relationship with the forest. Word Count: 911