Image description: The cover features a cream-colored canvas background. At the top, the following blurb is featured in black sans serif font: "The wise, funny, heartbreaking, and joyful work in these pages can show any reader, disabled or not, how to navigate an unpredictable world.”  –James Tate Hill, author of Blind Man’s Bluff. Beneath the blurb, the title is featured in large black sans serif font: "In Between Spaces: An Anthology of Disabled Writers". Below the title, "Edited by Rebecca Burke" is written in the same sans serif font. Beneath the "Edited by" line, the cream canvas is covered with triangles in various shades of orange, pink, and green. The green triangles of various shades cover the bottom right corner of the cover and, as they move towards the left, give way to oranges and pinks. These orange and pink triangles curve up between the spine of the book and the title, and stop even with the "In" of the title.


Short Story: speculative fiction, eco-feminist worlding

In Between Spaces
An anthology of disable writers
Editor: Rebecca Burke
Stillhouse Press
Release date: Nov 1, 2022

A young, queer, neurologically diverse, white woman is captured by the need to detangle whales, nurture environmental restoration, and learn to properly mourn enormous inarticulable loss. Word Count: 2304

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Stillhouse Press

Imagine Canada

An image of the Ottawa Citizen logo. White block lettering on a two-tone green field.

Editorial published in the Ottawa Citizen, February 25, 2022

A piece reflecting on Canadian political culture in the wake of the “trucker protests.”


Short Story: speculative fiction,
eco-feminism, disability storytelling

An image of a moss and lichen covered forest scene featuring a log bridging the two sides of a river and a ghostly face in the background.
Image by Julius H from Pixabay

Long listed in F(r)iction Magazine Short Story Contest 2021
Enquiries welcome

In this parable, a more-than-human woman experiences the beauty of her divergent body, juxtaposed against intrusive violating practices of scientists, in a race to reach what may be her ultimate transformation and liberation. Word Count: 6967


Together You & I: Lanark County Wide
Pride is a Welcoming Presences

Article for Pride 2022 printed in The Humm, June 2022


Arria Deepwater is “In Between Spaces”  

Reflecting on her experience of inclusion in the disabled writers anthology, In Between Spaces.
The Humm, November 2022





Flowers & Stars

Short Story: magic realism, disability storytelling

Pending Publication: The Bangalore Review

This modern fable follows an enigmatic street performer as her art brings mindful presence into the daily experience of a busy city park. Or does it?
Word Count: 2412


Climate Change

Short Story: literary disability storytelling

Currently under consideration

During the height of a heatwave, a middle-aged woman living with debilitating chronic illness struggles to adapt to the the early signs of her aging mother’s cognitive decline. Word Count: 2324


Of Souls & Forests

Short Story: speculative fiction, eco-feminist, disability storytelling

Seriously considered by Fairy Tale Review & Orcha Journal

An isolated, young, disabled woman is called to conjure a spirit into animate matter through her intimate relationship with the forest. Word Count: 911